Lot of Vogart Repeat Transfers Vintage 1950's Embroidery Painting Linen Home vo8

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Lot of 13 vintage 1950's repeat transfer patterns for embroidery or painting from Vogart. 
Vintage transfers. Some have been cut/used, may not all be complete. There is wear to the envelopes.

Included styles:
128 x 3 Bright, cheerful, new florals for three pairs of cases
242 Kittens - swans - pansies for 3 pairs of tubings
669 Kittens - mums & violets for 3 pairs of cases, etc...
670 x 2 Hope chest pillow case designs of grace and charm
674 Calla lilies, roses & butterfly baskets for 3 pairs of cases
695 x 2 Dainty motifs for bedroom and bath
706 Graceful kittens and florals for bedroom beauty
707 3 charmingly fresh and dainty pillow cases
711 New and charming motifs for many household uses